Who We Are at Lesaka

Building and protecting financial wellbeing

Lesaka is a South African financial technology company focused on serving the underserved. We deliver financial services to consumers (B2C) and merchants (B2B) in Southern Africa through our proprietary banking and payment technologies. We offer banking, lending and insurance solutions to consumers, and we offer cash management solutions, bill payment technology, value-added services, business funding and card acquiring solutions to formal and informal retail merchants.

We started our journey as Net1 in 1997. Since then, we have grown our systems and capabilities to deliver meaningful fintech-enabled solutions across the consumer and merchant segments. Led by a new leadership team with strong credentials and international experience, and following a comprehensive strategic review, we have entered a new era for the group with a new name introduced in 2022: Lesaka.

Lesaka, much like the “kraal” it is named after, is about building and protecting the financial wellbeing of the communities we serve. We do this by championing financial inclusion for consumers and merchants, opening them to new possibilities.

We are Lesaka

For thousands of years livestock have been seen as a symbol of security, community and wealth. Protecting and caring for your livestock was central to preserving the dignity and pride of your community. To protect these animals, and the communities that depended on them, enclosures were built commonly known as “kraals” in South Africa. Because of their importance, kraals were built in the centre of a community and seen as the social and economic heart of the village. Only the most reliable people were entrusted with their care and protection.

As Lesaka, we are entrusted with the responsibility of building and protecting the financial wellbeing of the communities we serve. Our deeply felt  awareness of this responsibility drives our choices and actions as we fight for the financial inclusion of every single South African.


A “kraal”. “ Lesaka ” means “ kraal” in seSotho and seTswana. A “kraal” protects the most valuable assets of a community, their livestock.

Our purpose and vision
We have set a clear direction to shape our every decision and action.

Our purpose is to improve people's lives by bringing financial inclusion to South Africa’s underserved consumers and merchants.

Our vision is to build and operate the leading South African full-service fintech platform offering payment processing and financial services to underserved merchants and consumers.

Lesaka Values Statement

An insurgent entrepreneurial spirit is at our core. It drives our innovative thinking and relentless search for disruptive solutions. It is a spirit that is carried with a bone-deep integrity, a non-negotiable commitment to doing the right thing and always doing what we say we will do. This is the bedrock of our environment where we relish open and safe debate, embracing all ideas, recognising that our collective wisdom will find the answers and allow the best ideas to succeed. Our environment is driven by a belief in shared ownership, based on a commitment to performance and accountability, and an energised bias to action.

These are our values that underpin our mission to enable Merchants to compete and grow, and Grant Beneficiaries to improve their lives, by providing innovative financial technology and value-creating solutions.

Our ambition charts a new era for Lesaka.

Lesaka will champion financial inclusion for underserved customers and merchants.


Through technology, insight and innovation, we deliver software and systems that facilitate the transfer of money.


Delivering an eco-system of solutions that assist in building safe, secure ways to bank, transact, earn and deliver economic outputs.

We are Lesaka. Lesaka is on an exciting and meaningful journey that will make financial inclusion a reality for all who have been underserved and undervalued.
How we

Our transparency allows us to build strong relationships internally and externally.

How we
  • Championing inclusivity

  • Building community

  • Driving collaboration

  • Behaving with integrity

How we

Through delivering an eco-system of financial solutions to those that are underserved in the furthest corners of our country.